Do you feel like you’re living a life that is different from what you had imagined?

Would you like to start manifesting things that bring you joy? 

If so, I am so pleased you found Positive Stream, my friend. Positive Stream is here to help you focus on finding your inner joy, align your head with your heart, and manifest a world that brings you true happiness and contentment. 

I’m Caroline, a Law of Attraction Conscious Coach who’s an avid tea drinker, and dog-loving being, who enjoys walking and snuggling down with a good book. I believe giggling is good for the soul and that smiling is contagious. I crave my own company, prone to tree-hugging and talking to myself.

I maintain my alignment with my own version of meditation; Reiki (attuned to level 1), cycling, walking (with the occasional run) with my dog Buddy and always feel better being with nature. I always carve time for reading, listening to podcasts, researching, writing, and having fun with my two children, husband, family, and friends.

You don’t need to be at a crossroads or in turmoil to benefit from spending some time with me.

You may not even realise you need me. I’m offering you something different. It’s personal to you. The time spent with me will improve every part of your life.

Love it. Own it. Breathe it. Receive it.

“Caroline’s personalised courses are tailored around you, she helped unlock countless perspectives that I wouldn’t have believed were apparent before meeting with her. She encouraged me that my goals are achievable and proved to me how you can utilise positivity in any situation.



Empowering you to find your freedom, focus and power within yourself, by using the Law of Attraction and being fully conscious.


Positive Stream offers one-to-one Law of Attraction Conscious Coaching, downloadable resources, and online courses to help you enhance your life.

Why Positive Stream

To create a future history through deliberate action and altering perception by aligning your head with your heart.

Look within to open up a world you had only imagined until today.


Positive Stream is here to empower you to find your freedom and joy using the Law of Attraction whilst becoming fully conscious. 

The universal laws are working regardless of our intervention or not. We are here to help you learn how to consciously work with the universal laws and co-create a future through deliberate action and alignment. Your alignment is the synchronisation between what you are thinking and how you are feeling. 

Positive Stream is here to remind you that it’s okay to aspire to do more, to go that extra mile, and dream big.

When you believe wholeheartedly in something you can achieve anything. This belief makes you unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with. 

Positive Stream is your biggest champion, guiding you through your life, goals, and living a reality you deserve to live. This help will be in the form of one-to-one Law of Attraction Conscious Coaching, social media, blogs, website content, resources, and workshops. Helping you stay connected with your beliefs in all areas of your life.

The fear of failure can be debilitating at times. Positive Stream is here to remind you that failure is inevitable if you do nothing. Taking deliberate action, no matter how small will lead you closer to your dream and your desired results.

At Positive Stream we promote a world that allows people to ‘be’ without judgement. Don’t waste your energy and time worrying about another person’s opinion of you. When you start to live a life where you are 100% believing in your capabilities, it becomes contagious by default. You begin to attract more of the same.

When you start to re-direct and change your attention from a ‘lack of’ to ‘I am appreciative of…’ the energy shifts around you. At Positive Stream, we like to see life through a different lens. Coming from a state of abundance allows many doors to open and the vision and capacity to walk through them.

Trust in the process. Release the control and allow life to unfold. All you need to do is have faith that the universe has your back. With the understanding of how to release ourselves from our mind’s ego, anything is possible.


1-to-1 Law of Attraction Conscious Coaching

Positive Stream Law of Attraction (LoA) Conscious Coaching is a personalised transformational journey tailored to you. To your needs, goals, and aspirations.

We unwind our mind stories and apply the principles of the Law of Attraction so you can achieve the results you had only previously dreamt of.

LoA Conscious Coaching opens you up to different perspectives that you may have been previously closed off to. By exploring your thoughts and emotions you will start to recognise whether they are synchronised or misaligned. This understanding will impact all areas of your life.

LoA Conscious Coaching is designed to be impactful with a minimum of 3 sessions. It’s a cost-effective way to positively change your outlook and life. It can also be intertwined with online courses, workshops, and further reading via our book recommendations.

Our sessions can be face-to-face at The Isbourne Centre in Cheltenham or virtually via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, or WhatsApp video calling. I also have clients who benefit from a walk and talk or chat over a cuppa in a cafe.

“There’s no quick fix for mental wellness, however, I immediately noticed positive changes occurring in my life after arranging Conscious Coaching sessions and more so after meeting with Caroline in person. Now, as I flick through a notebook full of invaluable advice on how to live a more positive lifestyle, I feel a sense of achievement, joy and gratitude towards Caroline that she was there to help me improve my life.”

Courses — COMING SOON!

Positive Stream will be soon launching a variety of bitesize online courses so you can become empowered in the comfort of your own home. Courses will include What is the Law of Attraction? Manifest More and the Science Behind the Law of Attraction. 

These courses give you an introduction to the powers of the Law of Attraction as well as show you how you can apply the principles to your lives each day. If you are struggling to manifest, there is a course that will help you work out where the block is.

These courses will expand your mind and vision and provide you with a powerful tool kit that will filter through every part of your life, work, relationships, health, financial, spiritual, and overall well-being.

Although this journey will be completed on your own Positive Stream is on hand to help you along the way. 

These courses will provide you with a foundation in Law of Attraction, embed workable techniques to help you re-adjust your mindset to prepare, and encourage you to start your journey for personal growth and create a life of your design on your own.

Why Positive Stream

Understanding and applying the Universal Principles of the Law of Attraction allows you to take back control and change your life through the power of your thoughts.

Positive Stream is here to empower, enlighten and enable you to design a reality of your choice using our unique Law of Attraction model.

With a combination of techniques that utilise the law of attraction, conscious coaching, with a little bit of science, this journey is one of self-discovery, illumination, and trust. 

Trust in yourself. 

Trust that you are in control of its direction. 

Trust that all will be well.

Trust that the Positive Stream process will enable you to fearlessly co-create your dreams and desires as you become more in-tune with your consciousness and body and see an overall improvement in your mental health and well-being.

What’s in a name?

‘Stream’ refers to our alignment state; when everything is going our way, and things are falling into place, we are ‘streaming’. Life feels easy and fun.

Positively Streaming is our conscious state of being authentically aligned with what we truly want, believing that it’s ours to have, and allowing ourselves to live that life now.

It is not about feeling and being positive 100% of the time; this is impossible to achieve. It’s about learning how to be consciously aware of how you are feeling and applying this awareness to your surroundings. When you do this, you are deliberately co-creating your life with the universal laws around you. 

Learning how to navigate your own GPS towards your goals is empowering. When you feel good more good heads your way; it is magnetically attracting more of the same. 

Take back the control, help yourself to become fearless, and manifest a life you want to live by changing your everyday.

Code of Ethics

It is of paramount importance to me that we are both protected in the service that I provide. These Global Code of Ethics are the professional standards that I adhere to. I am also a member of the Association for Coaching which I continue to train with to ensure that I am offering you the highest standards in coaching.

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