#4 Standing out from the crowd

The last time I wrote, I talked about the need to challenge and push myself in my last year of my thirties. The very next day of writing I was presented with a challenge of a different kind.  My 5-year-old son woke me at half midnight on a Monday morning screaming. He’d been sick in his bed and couldn’t stop. I, like many other parents have an issue with vomit, it makes me heave and feel physically sick myself. But I strapped on my Super Mum helmet and we got through the night with only 2 hours sleep. That Monday, I could have eaten the entire contents of the cupboard but managed to refrain so I did give myself a pat on the back for that accomplishment. I can’t say that my eating habits have continued that way but what I can report it that I am making healthier choices most of the time.

I can also confirm that the car is up for sale and I no longer use it. I have officially been reunited with my bike with currently zero falling off.

We have also booked our Summer holiday to North Wales. I have such fond memories of climbing mountains and walking in the most amazing fresh air, way back when I was younger that I had an urge and desire to share and create new memories with my family.   My husbands one priority was to ensure wherever we stayed had a hot tub – tick. The kids will need a fair bit of preparing to walk longer distance so we intend to drag them around on country walks leading up to this holiday. Our dog will have a wail of a time.

Last night I found myself trawling through old photos and I came across our South of France holidays pics from 2015. It’s not very often that I like looking at photos of myself as I am not that way inclined nor are there many that warrant a second visit. But I had to do a double take (or double-click to enlarge) as I didn’t recognise myself in one of them. I looked healthy, happy, comfortable and content. Now I can already here you shouting at the computer…”of course you would as you’re on holiday”. And you’d be right, it was a great holiday that was really relaxing, if not a tad too hot for my liking. But leading up to that holiday I was incredibly focused. I was working out with a fitness DVD everyday and ate incredibly well. I remember feeling uneasy if I wasn’t able to complete a fitness programme each day and would incorporate it at some point. For people who know me, this image I am presenting seems a far cry from the lady who is sat typing now. What was different then to now? Yes I am nearly three years older and yes a holiday as a motivator will always work wonders. But I got married last December in California and I couldn’t muster a few extra salads in preparation for one of the most important days of my life. I remember liking the changes I was witnessing in my body, I liked how clothes sat comfortably on me. The most vivid emotion I remember was the drive I felt at that time going through that process. With every workout I did I could feel my energy improving along with my technique, I was doing the highest intensity workout.

I need to tap in to the 2015 version of me and find that inner warrior to help me fulfil the challenges I have set myself.

So…I awoke earlier this morning to walk Buddy AND fit in the fitness DVD from yonder years. I could have had a plethora of excuses as I was running late and the DVD player was playing up but I did it. Level 1 HIIT day 1 complete. I aim to do 30 days consecutive workouts.

I felt amazing afterwards, pride in myself for doing what I said I would do, my mood felt instantly improved and a sense of calm and achievement was a great way to enter a Monday. I added the picture of the white bluebell as I don’t always want to stand out from the crowd but at the moment I do.

I’ve got this…

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