#5 I’m loving my NOW.

I love my life. I don’t mean to boast, but I’ve learnt over the years to appreciate the now. And I’m loving my now.

It’s Monday. [When I wrote this and couldn’t post as my internet was down, after husband chainsawed though the cable whilst trimming the hedge!]


I started my day in the sunshine walking Buddy through a beautiful park that leads on to an ‘enchanted’ wood. I chat with fellow dog walkers and put the world to right even before my first cup of tea. The kids have been dropped off at school with no fuss, and I grab myself some breakfast.

Today my husband and I are off to the cinema to watch Deadpool 2 [great film btw]. We try to go every week and dislike having to ask for babysitters all the time. As we are both self-employed the day is our oyster. For the past six years we had talked about dusting off our bikes that had been housed in my mums shed but never got around to it. Then last Summer we made progress, we bought ourselves a shed and moved the bikes from one shed to another. And there they stayed. For another year.

It’s taken a while and required a little encouragement [selling my car] to entice a different mode of transport, but on a day like this it is truly idyllic. So there we are cycling side by side on the Honeybourne cycle path on a beautiful day on our way to the cinema. Perfect.

This might seem insignificant to some but It’s these moments that I have to recognise, to appreciate what I have and where I have come from. I used to work five days a week, then four, then since January of this year two days a week.

Roughly 18 months ago I sent out a deliberate intention to the Universe. To reduce the number of days I work in my current job, to help path a way so I can dedicate more time to my true passion…Law of Attraction [LoA] and how I can equip others with the knowledge of the power of the law so they too can create their own reality.

It all seemed to become aligned at the same time. It’s worth noting with the LoA what you ask for doesn’t always happen to your timescale, it happens at the most optimal time for you. For me it was just before going to California to get married. For some they would have seen the change as worrisome, an unappreciated change. In my line of current work [Early Years Education provider] reduced days equates to less pay. But I just knew that this was my opportunity, this was what I had asked for so I had better get on with doing it.

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