#6 I feel pretty.

When you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see?…For me I see how I feel.

My ‘Year of 39’ journey is littered with many quests. One such task is to be the healthiest version of myself. No quick fixes aloud, a.k.a starving myself before the 40th birthday draws near. This year is about living the true benefits of having an active, healthy lifestyle.

Using the power of Law of Attraction I have looked inward to see what blocks I have come up against when my previous attempts have failed quite dramatically. I hold my hand up high and admit that I start off with great vigour, with little follow through. I spend a small fortune for eating very little. I get up early to fit in a workout DVD (oh yes I’m old school!) and then crash and burn after a week or two without enjoying the process.

So let’s analyse my blocks|resistance. In the past I have:

Set unrealistic goals

Reduced my calories far too significantly that my body goes in to starvation mode so when I do eat it stores it for later

Stop snacking

Lose the enjoyment of food

Not prepared enough and end up grabbing quick fixes [unhealthy]

Push myself physically beyond my capabilities

Have little or no will power [previous diets have embarrassingly lasted 24 hours (or less)]

Eat my emotions, which usually involved a lot of sugar

I didn’t believe I would lose weight or stay motivated for it to make any difference

This time, I feel prepared and I’m not referring to the stacked high tupperware in the fridge ready and waiting at a moment’s ‘hangry’ notice. I’m talking about my conscious and unconscious core. I sat down and took the time to think about what’s gone wrong in previous attempts, what are my blocks. I acknowledged these so I can be aware of them if and when they rear there head. And they will|have done so. In the hope that I can navigate myself around them.

The huge turning point for me came last month when I was attempting to sort out photos from our trip [& wedding] to California last December. Unwittingly I had found myself facing photos from 2015. I had to stop and go back as I didn’t recognise the person. I was dumbfounded and pleasantly surprised when I realised it was me. I was in the South of France smiling, with what can only be described as genuine happiness oozing from my eyes. ‘Yes, of course you were’ I hear you say ‘you were on holiday, what’s more relaxing than that’. But this holiday was different. I went on a health kick 3 weeks before hand and got to the point where I needed to do some form of exercise each day to settle. I was the lowest weight I had been for a while. I’d like to add here that weight has never been the main factor in my journey. What was more important was that I felt amazing. I didn’t mind getting in to my swimwear that year. I was confident in all areas of my life. For the first time in a long time I didn’t mind the reflection looking back at me.

Before I get to the point I just want to take you back a year ago. We had just cancelled our big wedding that we just couldn’t find the enthusiasm to plan [nothing to do with the groom, he’s my lobster] but it felt like it was getting out of hand. So we decided to listen to our intuition. We wanted to escape with our two children and get married outdoors under some redwood trees on the west coast of America with just us. So we did. But leading up to our departure I could not muster up any energy to even attempt to lose a few pounds of weight. I just didn’t seem to care. Even the thought of the huge portions and copious amount of calorie consumption didn’t even stir a desire to off load a few pounds to make way for some more. We had an amazing time and by the end of it I truly felt enormous. When I looked in the mirror, which was rarely done, I saw a bloated person who’s clothes were digging a moat in to my skin preparing for war. Then we returned home just before Christmas and I just kept on getting bigger and looking in the mirror less.

Back in March that’s when I realised that my inner being was not happy, I refused to buy clothes the next size up. But this journey isn’t about my weight. It’s about how I feel about myself and realising that I am way off kilter. Out of alignment.

So I decided to harness the Law of Attraction and looked in to my stupidly happy South of France hazy eyes and remind myself how I felt then, when I looked in the mirror.

I felt confident, sassy, fun loving, lighter, freedom of choice, proud of my achievements, eager to do more, energised and hungry to continue that feeling.  So I tasked myself to put my mind back in to that mode. I looked at myself in the mirror when I was ready and opened my eyes.

It truly was transformational that resulted in my eyes pricking with tears. I saw a bright, sparkly eyed Caroline who is happy in her skin with a genuine smile. The clothes that once before felt restrictive suddenly felt looser. I liked what I saw. I walked away from that mirror on a little high that has stayed with me. I felt like I had achieved my target weight goal and enjoying the benefits. I had a skip in my step like I was listening to Guardian of the Galaxy (I & II) soundtrack. This feeling has continued and I love how I feel.

With this new mind vision I was able to tackle the other blocks that I had experienced. Decision making was easier as I was able to say ‘no thank you’ to foods I would have previously eaten quickly before my brain had even registered the calories.

This feeling has stuck with me ever since and the weight is coming off.

The Law of Attraction is all about the feeling we have behind our intentions. If you are not aligned with that feeling of intention|goal|desire then you are resisting the results and instead creating a whole new unintended intention.

Ask Believe FEEL Receive

When you look at yourself in the mirror what do you see?…For me I see how I FEEL…I feel pretty!

p.s. Must go and watch the film I Feel Pretty…

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