#10 Is boredom a problem that needs solving?

We met up with some friends last weekend for a BBQ and whilst sat around the table our friends showed us a website called ‘Kickstarter’; it’s a website for new ideas and products that need a financial boost to help them get to production and launch stage. They showed us a product designed and aimed at children [with no particular age bracket]. This product was a ball that has removeable and interchangeable sleeves with smart technology. The premise behind this ball is that children have lost the art of playing and using their imagination, they need a helping hand, for example playing aeroplanes!

This left me feeling sad and frustrated. Not only as a parent but as someone who also works with children that there are adults out there that feel the need to create a technology-based toy to tap in to a child’s imagination that should already be active.

A child doesn’t need to be shown how to use their imaginations. They need TIME to be allowed to use them.

It seems over time that we have become a very busy society. Filling up our time, and in turn our children’s time. As parents we are the pacesetters in the home. We are teaching our children that they need to be busy whether it’s with technology or life in general. We then tell the world via social media how busy we’ve been and how we’ve ‘entertained’ our children.

But what’s wrong with allowing ourselves the time to be bored?


A wise bear once said ‘Don’t underestimate the power of doing nothing’ Winnie the Pooh.

Boredom allows children [and adults; when boredoms involved we are not mutually exclusive] to use their imaginations to the fullest. They explore their natural environment and create any setting they wish to imagine. They go with the flow of their minds and invent adventures of their fantasies.

Within the Early Years Foundation Stage [EYFS] [which covers age 0-5] the emphasis is on child-led play. Adults take a step back and allow the children to free play. Some parents prefer to see adult-led activities however, once adults start to interact it tends to halt, slow or even stop their play. Sit back and observe them play. A lot of schools are now adopting continuous provision which is extending the EYFS principles up to year 2 or even year 3 with schools.

We need to start embracing boredom rather than reaching for the nearest time filler…mobile phone, TV, iPad, laptop or game console.

Research shows that engaging in low undemanding activity without concentrating on anything we are much more likely to come up with creative ideas. Which is why part of my morning alignment routine incorporates walking the dog as my mind wanders beautifully with different ideas and thoughts entering my mind that usually inspire my day ahead. Taking a shower also has the same effect.

If we allow ourselves the time to become idle we open ourselves up to dream, time to imagine and time to discover gifts, talents and ideas.

Law of Attraction is harnessing the power of your mind, that in turn creates our energy. It’s a ‘muscle’ that needs to be stimulated as it benefits everyone’s emotional well-being.  When people are first learning about LoA and they hear about manifestation they usually default to material items. I like to manifest time. It’s undervalued and treated like an out of stock commodity. But I bet you at least once in your day you will hear someone declare that ‘they don’t have enough time’. We are the keepers of our time. Everyone needs the time to be bored at least once in their day.

Change your everyday.

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