#11 Would you want your 5 year old self making decisions for you as an adult?

In any given day of any week, month or year we process roughly 60,000 thoughts. But only 1,000 of these thoughts are new. That’s a staggering 98.33% of our consciousness replaying the same scenario’s, memories, stories, ideas and thought patterns internally.

Without us realising it, we are running our lives operating out of the mental architecture of our ancestors which is out dated and distorted over generations. They become the basis of our knee jerk conditioning and automatic behaviours that we learnt before the age of 5 years old.  It’s a horrifying thought that our adult lives are being dictated by our 5 year old selves!

Now, I am not saying that all passed downloaded intel is obsolete. We need to know right from wrong and how to stay safe. What I am referring to is the build-up of negative thought patterns that have been based on other people’s fears, self-beliefs, opinions, situations or economic climate. It can be difficult to identify what is solely our thought or something we’ve unconsciously ‘picked up’ along the way.

As humans we tend to decide in advance how we are going to experience life, that we end up choosing what we want to see. The potential is infinite, if only we would allow it.

Being aware of our thought database is the key. It is completely possible to re-wire our thought patterns from negative to positive which would ultimately have more relevance to our lives that we want to be living.

So how can we do this?

First we need to get over our grudge against the world and choose to see things differently. Devote more to what we want to see rather than what we don’t want to see.

Be conscious of the current thoughts that pop in to our head. Where do they fit on the spectrum of positive / negative? Are they based on your reality or someone else’s past?

Push aside negative thoughts and replace with a positive ones.

Live in the now. Yes, we can gain perspective and understanding from our past experiences but how is that going to influence your now? It’s the same thinking too far ahead in to the future. Be present.

Stop labelling things as ‘to difficult’, ‘it’s always been this way’ start exploring alternative narratives ‘this could be fun’, ‘I haven’t done this before’, ‘I wonder what would happen if I tried it this way?’

Stop thinking you know it all. This outlook only closes doors rather than open new possibilities.

Tune in to what you want from life and believe it will happen, because our mind is truly powerful, that it can create something ‘outside’ itself to be more powerful.

Practice makes perfect. Start small, see and feel the difference.

Be grateful for the small things in life and let people know that you appreciate them but expect nothing in return.

Record your mind journey, so you can acknowledge the changes that you are feeling and track your perspective on life.


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