#12 The Law of Attraction part 1

Welcome my friend, I thought it was about time I wrote about the Law of Attraction and the key principles. I’ll spread it over a few blogs, but I hope part one makes you think and excites you to know more.

Law of Attraction (LoA) is no secret. It has however, become a forgotten way of thinking and feeling. Over the years our minds have become cluttered with thoughts, emotions, information and ‘other excess baggage’. That over time has quietened our ability to tap in to our inner being; our frequency.

LoA is not a belief system, nor is it a religious movement. It is all encompassing and actually sits rather comfortably across every known religion with no conflict. It’s not about money or wanting to have materialistic ‘things’ in your life.

So, if it’s not the above then what is it? It is a universal law. Now, don’t switch off because you think I’ve gone in to ‘woo woo’ mode, but bear with me. Another universal law which you could compare it to is gravity. We very rarely think about gravity, nor question its existence. It just is. 

It’s meta physics and quantum physics. We can delve into the smallest subatomic particles of life to help us understand our existence and our reality to help explain the ‘workings’ of LoA.  

LoA is operating whether you are harnessing the power of it to your advantage or not. So why wouldn’t you want to learn more about it, if it can help us feel joy?

LoA works at the level of our vibrational frequency. Our vibrational frequency ISyour emotional state of being, in other words the ‘mood’ that you feel. If we use the analogy of an old style radio that needs to be tuned in to the correct frequency to listen to a specific station. Your emotional state isthe tuning dial. LoA works on the same principles, your universe (the world around you) matches to your vibrational (emotional) state. 

Our vibrational frequency (emotional state) can be ‘tuned’ like an old style radio

To change your vibrational frequency you need your feelings to marry up with your thoughts. The most common phrase associated with LoA is ‘like attracts like’

So how do we go about managing this?

By remembering that our thoughts create our emotions that drive our actions which sets our vibrational frequency. If like attracts like, what are you attracting? You can check the frequency you are at, by looking around you. What are you currently manifesting? Are you happy? Are things going in the direction you want them to go? Are you in a state of wanting more? Never satisfied with what you have? Or living too far in to the future or past? 

Have you ever woken up in the morning and despite your ‘best efforts’ one thing after the other goes wrong? We often proclaim ‘could it get any worse?’ and more often than not, as the day progresses it does get worse. This is LoA working, but in the negative sense. Remember, you are attracting what your vibrational frequency is at.

The funny thing is, we are more accustomed to viewing our world in this way. We jeer ourselves along with mantra’s such as ‘nothing is easy’, ‘you appreciate things more when you work hard to get them’, or ‘life is a trial’. We are conditioned from a young age that nothing is easy, that hard work will eventually provide us with a positive reward. But life doesn’t and shouldn’t be so difficult. 

Remember that our thoughts have the ability to control our reality and our emotions physically affect our energy frequency that we are in. So we need to flip our vision around. If we think about what could happen in a positive sense and truly believe this version of reality then we are inviting it into our lives. 

This time of year we are surrounded by new year’s resolutions. We are told that if we make a goal we need to be accountable and take ownership of it. To share it with others. But the truth is, if we want to truly change we have to change the way we feel, change the way we think, and change the stories we tell ourselves which WILL change your everyday.

No one else can think you’re thoughts for you. No one can feel them as you would feel them. Change the cycle but learning something different for 2019.

If you want to learn more about the Law of Attraction and how you can use it to create a life you’ve only imagined, join me in my workshops for practical applications and start your journey in to self-reflection now. 

I’d love to hear from you and put you on the waiting list for the up and coming workshops. Say ‘hello’ and email me at caroline@positivestream.life

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