#13 A forced break!

A couple of weeks ago I had flu. In the past I thought I’d suffered with it but oh how wrong was I! I was quite pathetic in all honesty. I actually blamed it on a yoga session I had gone to at first. All my joints had been popped, stretched and released which actually felt lovely and I came away from the session feeling mellow and ‘one’ with my body. But by the evening I was shattered and aching from every joint in my body. But I put it down to yoga and carried on the best I could the following day. But I kept laying down whenever and wherever I could. 

I finally stopped resisting the feeling, when early evening arrived, I took myself to my bed and didn’t move much that week. I’m not going to lie to you I indulged in Netflix, * podcasts and reading galore. Yes, my body was in pain but my mind, although tiring quickly was active enough for the need to be entertained. It certainly wasn’t guilt free. I listened to my family around me as they continued on with their day, occasionally checking in with me. My husband was amazing, I only felt the need to intervene once, which is quite an improvement for me! Or a sign of how unwell I felt. I was also introduced to a new sensation of not being hungry. On any given day my conscious and subconscious is 80% occupied with food; ‘What am I going to eat?’ ‘When am I eating next?’ etc. So, it was a new sensation not wanting to eat, my taste buds were shot but it was nice to not be consumed by thoughts of food.

The previous week I had attended a meditation workshop evening. So, I put my time to good use and listened to soothing music and practiced deep breathing and even tapping on my forehead and areas of pain with the aim of ‘tapping the pain away’. I focused my thoughts on healing myself, allowing the remaining energy that I had within me to be directed to healing from the inside out…this resulted in a lot of sweating! However, it worked wonders. When I centred on my breathing and connected with the music, I felt different. I felt aligned, to the point where it felt like I’d had an hour session of reiki. Which for me has always been a powerful sensation, my world literally spins from the third eye. I’m convinced that what I did contributed to speeding up the healing process.

But I’m not going to lie, last week I had days of feeling sorry for myself and I confess to having a couple of naps after work. It’s taken me a further week to feel back to full health. Having flu is not an illness I wish to be subjected to again, but I can’t deny that indulging in mediation, tapping, rest with peace and quiet is something I haven’t experienced for an extended period of time for a very long time; before children, being the last time. It was truly incredible. But not for another ten years please!

*I can recommend The Staircase, Workin’ Moms, Heal, In Defence of Food, Dumplin, The Keepers, 

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