#15 Start moving your mountains

We all have our re-cycled thought patterns that stop us from believing that we are unable to do something or act a certain way. This has the ability to paralyse us, resulting in taking no action at all. 

No matter how big your mountain is, you can move it.

Whilst combining my knowledge and research on Law of Attraction writing workshops with the aim of aiding others to find their inner strength to make positive changes in their lives that will enable them to move their own mountains. However, I realised I had a few personal mountains of my own to shift first. Namely, the belief that weight loss wasn’t possible for me because I didn’t have the will power to reduce my sugar habit for more than 48 hours, or to make better choices in what I was energising my body with.  

The realisation of hypocrisy occurred to me­; how can I be expected to guide others when I hadn’t tackled my own blocks and resistances. So, I went about working through Positive Stream process and applied it to myself.

The battle isn’t with what we consume, it lies with our minds. Over the years our mind has built up stories, that have derived from a variety of sources. Dating as far back as our ancestors who have passed down ‘their wisdom’ to our parents, as well as the belief systems of our friends, and the interpretation of our experiences both positive and negative, have all left an imprint and formed our minds that end up driving our daily lives and decision making.

When your mind is playing repetitive commentary such as ‘you can’t do something’ you start to believe it as fact. It is, this battle with our minds that needs to addressed.

The minds sole function is to keep us safe. Over time The brain doesn’t distinguish between reality and thought (fact and fiction), what you believe in, is your version of reality and how you perceive the world is the window to your mind. Our minds start to look for evidence to sync up with the stories it tells us for reinforcement.

When we start to challenge our mind stories it starts to fight back. So we need to break the cycle.

For me I wanted to make myself feel worthy of the body image I had in my head, this perception was based on how I used to see myself reflected back but lost through age, pregnancies, sad times, and celebrating the good. 

I made small changes and giant leaps. I had moments of feeling uncomfortable, low moods, and even pain. But I sit before my computer screen now 100% happier in my skin, I look at my reflection with pride because I know that I achieved what I thought I would not be able to do on my own. 

I am in tune with my body. I am no longer battling against my mind and its stories as I have re-written them. I know what my body needs to feel nourished and energised. I know the sensation of over indulgence and to recognise that I don’t have to continue down that path. In the past I would have succumbed to a food urge to handle an emotion and then be overcome with guilt and failure. I would then give up on my mission and I’d be back to square one. 

I read somewhere at the beginning of this journey that you are going to feel ‘uncomfortable’. Whether you are uncomfortable in clothes that are becoming too tight; uncomfortable with emotions such as guilt and self-loathing over the food you have just consumed; or uncomfortable in perceived hunger or lack of sugary foods. Either way you are going to feel uncomfortable. The difference is, is that the latter feeling is getting you closer towards your goal. 

Once I acknowledged that when I was feeling uncomfortable, it was an opportunity to challenge my mind and take back control of my body. I accepted the cravings I was feeling, sat with it for 10 minutes and acknowledge them with a marble in a jar that represented me conquering my cravings. With this new found control I was more receptive to educating myself on what constituted a nutritional diet and incorporating exercise I enjoyed. 

To help tackle my negative mind stories, I found strength from watching, reading and listening to inspirational stories. The stories varied in context, but the theme was consistent. That no matter what life throws at you, regardless of the odds, when you put your belief in something you wanted 100% you will always produce positive results. When you are surrounding yourself with this content it’s hard not to get your ‘head in the game’ to make better choices for yourself.  

To help me visualise, I dug out a photo from when I last felt the way I wanted to feel now, this was proof, that this version of reality can exist within me. When I looked at the photo, I remembered exactly how I felt at that time. I then propelled that feeling from the past to my present. This mind transformation was the most powerful pivotal point. I was that person in my mind which allowed me to walk straighter, head held higher, and what I saw in my reflection changed even before I started seeing results on the scales. 

The combination of observing others with ‘can do’ attitude and living the reality that I wanted now, gave me solid foundations in pathing the way to make long term changes to my health and wellbeing. The building blocks of food and exercise came afterwards. 

I found exercise kept me motivated and in control of my thoughts in a truly positive way.

I found that I genuinely loved exercising—the rush of endorphins, serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine and adrenalin was exhilarating. I could feel and see my body becoming physically stronger, and mentally capable as I started to challenge myself more. This was fuelling my mind stories in a more positive direction. 

Everything became so much easier. Food choices were simple, I no longer had the battle with sugar because my body and taste buds had changed. I went from being a ‘3 teaspoons of sugar girl’ in my coffee to none at all. I stopped craving chocolate, cakes and high starch food because my body no longer craved it. I replaced it with high value protein and fresh vegetables, fruits and healthy fats that kept me energised for longer.

By making small changes, I had synchronised my thoughts regarding food with the description that I wanted of myself. I re-wrote my mind stories and created the version that reinforced the reality I wanted. 

Along the way I have kept a journal, I write my thoughts, feelings and measurements down. When my old mind stories reared their head in the form of cravings, I pick up my journal and re-read the first few pages on how I used to feel. This has been invaluable, as I need a reminder of who I was and who I wanted to be. This is usually enough to keep me making the healthier decision.

I am no saint. If I want to indulge then I do so. I enjoy the moment and then continue on my journey in making healthier decisions. I don’t dwell, I don’t feel guilty and continue onwards.

My mountain started to move when I changed the way I thought and challenged my mind stories. I created a vision and lived that life as if it’s already been achieved. With Law of Attraction we communicate with our universe through the emotions that we feel, these feelings are triggered 100% by our thoughts. Be mindful of what you think, because the universe will always answer your requests.

Start to move your mountains by changing your thoughts.

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