#18 What would your future self want you to know now?

And breathe…it feels like we are living in extraordinary times right now. Where the rules that we have lived by for so long have been thrown up in the air and re-shuffled to form a new world or reality. This does not have to mean doom and gloom.

This is history. 

We will look back to this moment and recall how we rallied around for one another, supporting, guiding, soothing, comforting and cheering from a safe 6 feet apart. How the absurdity of some people who felt the need to stock pile toilet tissue…of all things!

It feels like the Universe has pressed the re-set button. With the start of Spring officially here, where night and day are of equal length and the sun is gaining strength. It feels like the light is defeating the dark. It offers me hope, that the natural world is coming alive and that we have to allow the ebb and flow to occur and all will be well. I do have trust that what is thrown at us has a purpose and a reason. Whether we understand its true meaning is irrelevant.

At times like these, when people’s anxiety and fear is high and the news fuel’s rather than extinguishes people’s thoughts and emotions. I like to write a letter to my future self; whether this is 10 years from now, a year, a month or just a few days from now. I include things that I wish to accomplish, but I write it as if I have already completed it. From a place of knowing and certainty. Away from fear and self-doubt.

When you think of yourself in the future, you start to establish a relationship with that version of you. You are invested in that outcome because it is your path. 

You can be as practical as you want or need to be; if you want to write about pensions, your children’s education or future holiday plans then that’s where you penmanship takes you. 

Tap in to your imagination, because how we think, the thoughts that we have about ourselves helps us achieve what we want to achieve NOW. This is a great start for people who struggle with being imaginative or self-indulging. 

The key is, once you become aware of who you want to be, it is easier to connect with that reality in the NOW.

At times like this when things feel uncertain, we want to have a sense of control. This is a way of taking back the reins and tap in to what you really want from life. Remember, every thing is being shuffled around, this doesn’t need to be a negative. This letter could be a gateway to your next set of goals / to do list. 

There are two versions you could do.

1. Write a letter from future self (10/1 years from now) to your present self. 

Think about the circumstances, how old will you be? Children? Career? where are you Living? How much money are you earning?

What do you wish you had known 10 years ago to help you achieve what you wanted?

What does your life look like? How does it feel?

What have you achieved?

2. Write a letter from your present self to your future self.  

What can you learn from your present self to your future self?

This helps cement the relationship you have with your future self.

Affects the way that you treat yourself NOW.

If you have an amazing relationship with yourself in all of the time zones, you can create a wonderful life for yourself NOW.

This exercise allows us to step away from instant gratification (primitive brain reflex) and more towards self-control, actioning forward and trusting what is to come. 

The gifts and appreciation that we are giving ourselves ‘thank you for exercising and eating well, thank you for going back to night school etc.

You are the bridge right now from your past self to your future self.

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