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On one of my walks with Buddy this week, I listened to Fearne Cotton’s interview with Dr Pippa Grange on her podcast Happy Place.

Pippa is a psychologist who specialises in sports psychology and has helped many athletes channel and focus on fear positively. She was promoting her new book ‘Fear Less: How to win your way in work and life’.

Fear Less Dr Pippa Grange’s new book

The podcast made my soul sing. As I walked to their melodic chatter, I couldn’t help but nod and smile in agreement, laugh out loud and chat away as if I was part of the conversation. It was 100% in alignment with my values and who I am.

I thought I would share a couple of my takeaways from the podcast. I urge you to take some time for yourself and listen.

• Fear is a completely normal emotion. We fear two things in our lives; fear of death, of no longer existing and fear of rejection, abandonment or being dismissed. It is the latter of these fears that resonate the most with me. For a long time in my life, I have dealt with an overwhelming fear of failing. My mind and the stories that I tell myself has stopped me from progressing in my life. When your fear is coupled with rejection, it feels less like a hill and more of a mountain to climb. I know that I am not alone in these thoughts, as the clients who seek me out are experiencing the same.

• Failing is an essential part of winning. It helps us to fail multiple times before we succeed. By failing over and over, we fine-tune our outcome, our process, our experience, and attitudes to failing. Failure is part of the effort in getting to where we are going. So when we do fail, we are closer to winning. When my clients have a goal in mind, we talk about actions they can take (big or small) that bring them closer to the outcome. I like my clients to imagine that they are on a journey, with a starting point and a destination e.g. London to Manchester. As long as their activities are moving them closer to Manchester they are on the right track.

Fearne Cotton’s Podcast

• We need to stop talking about self-improvement. Trying to seek a better version of ourselves. We need to talk more about expansion of who we already are. Keeping things small. So rather than trying to incorporate big changes into your life. Direct your efforts with small tweaks that act as the building blocks for expansion on who you are already. With Law of Attraction, having an expansive mindset (always ready to learn) is part of having an abundant mind state, which is the gateway when working with the Law of Attraction.

• Dr Pippa Grange says that we navigate through life like “a character in our own story but the pen is in our hand” we forget that the control is 100% with us. Conscious Coaching with Positive Stream creates awareness with yourself, allowing you to take control of the pen. How we think, react and experience life is down to us.

After my walk, I came straight home and ordered her book. It’s now on my bedside table ready to read.

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