How Can I Help You?

I’m not your usual Life coach. I’m what you call a Conscious Coach.

You don’t need to be at a cross roads or in turmoil to benefit from spending some time with me.

The thing is, you may not even realise you need me. I’m offering you something that is different. It’s personal to you. The time spent with me will improve every part of your life including your closest family and friends. All from spending some quality time concentrating on you.

Positive Stream is about empowering you to take back the control, helping you become fearless, and manifest a life you want to live by, by changing your everyday.

How is this done?

1-to-1 Conscious Coaching (Life Coaching)

Conscious Coaching is a personalised transformational journey that is tailored specifically to your needs, feelings, goals, aspirations and life decisions using the principles of Law of Attraction.

Conscious Coaching opens up an array of perspectives that may have been previously closed off to you. Through the exploration of changing your words, your thoughts and your perception on life and situations, it will have a direct impact on the feelings that you have, which in turn go on to change your emotions that create your actions that produce the results that they want. In theory designing your own reality.

Conscious Coaching is designed to be completed within a course a minimum of 4 sessions. It’s a cost effective way to positively change your life. It can also be intertwined with the workshops that I run or stand alone.

Law of Attraction and alignment workshops

I offer introductory workshops introducing you to the powers of LoA and how they can be applied to your lives each and every day.

These workshop’s will expand your mind and vision with the ultimate aim of getting you closer to reaching your goals. Whether this is in your life, career, relationships, financial status and overall well-being.

Although this is done in a group setting, the journey is still a personal voyage but in the comfort of sharing with like-minded people.

Introduction to Law of Attraction (#0.5 & #1)

There are two versions of this workshop. The half day (3 hours) (#0.5) and the full day (6 hours) (#1).

Both workshops will provide you with the basic principles of LoA and embed some great techniques to help you readjust your mind set ready for you to start your journey to self-actualisation and creating a life that you design.

If you are new to the concept of LoA I would recommend you book on to the #1 workshop as it will allow you further time to explore the concept in full. If you are aware of LoA and need a refresher please go ahead and book on to #0.5.

I do recommend that at least one of these workshops are attended before proceeding to #2 as it’s good to all be on the same page.

Spiritual Growth and Alignment (#2)

This workshop follows Intro to LoA (you are required to do #0.5 or #1 prior to booking). This workshop goes in to more depth on each of the topics covered, with an emphasis on the science behind LoA. Allowing you to continue your self-alignment in greater depth.

Please register your details and state if it’s Conscious Coaching or a workshop you are interested in. Dates for workshops to follow. 

It is of paramount importance to me that we are both protected in the service that I provide. These Global Code of Ethics are the professional standards that I adhere too. I am also a member of Association for Coaching which I continue to train with to ensure that I am offering you the highest of standards in coaching.