What is Positive Stream All About?

Positive Stream is here to empower, enlighten and enable people to design a reality that they choose to live in.

Using the universal principles of Law of Attraction you can take back control and change your life through the power of your thoughts.

I overlay knowledge about our brain state development and how this can impact on our ‘minds’. We delve in to the world of quantum physics to help us understand the foundations of Law of Attraction.

This information alone is life impacting and can change your everyday’. 

For people who choose to embark on this truly amazing journey, it is one of self-discovery, illumination and belief with the definitive prize of finding your true alignment.

Positive Stream will enable you to create your ultimate dreams and wishes, as well as focus on your goals and aspirations.

You’ll become more in-tune with your consciousness and body and see an overall improvement in your mental health and well-being.

There are no age limitations when using the Law of Attraction, the benefits can be received from a new-born to centenarian.

Why the name Positive Stream?

Positive Stream is our conscious state of being authentically aligned with what we truly want and giving ourselves permission to live that life now.

Feeling positive and having a positive outlook alone is not going to cut the mustard. But it’s certainly a great start.

What truly makes a difference is the feelings that we have behind the thoughts that we think. It is these feelings that attracts more of the same.

By doing so you are positively attracting your feelings.

Stream refers to our alignment state. When everything is going our way, when things are falling in to place we are ‘streaming’. Life feels easy and fun.

So who am I?

I am Caroline Painter, I am the founder of Positive Stream and I’ve been living by the principles of Law of Attraction for the past 10 years. As each year unfolds I’ve been increasing my knowledge and understanding through practice, education and research.

I am a Law of Attraction practitioner with a BSc (Hons) Degree in Psychology. I conducted my dissertation looking at occupational stress levels and the effects a persons perceived control and work demands have on their stress levels. I am also a trained skilled helper and Life coach. With my combined skills I like to ‘label’ myself as a Conscious Coach. I have 10 years’ experience within a marketing agency and 7 years’ experience in the Early Years sector.

I maintain my own alignment by taking long walks with my dog, being outside with nature as much as I can, reading, researching and living by LoA, photography, cycling, writing and spending time and having fun with my children, husband, family and friends.